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Feb 10, 2008


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Poor, confused Bonnie! Thank god you weren't having to shoot a cat in the mouth with peroxide, though.


No kidding. Bonnie was very cooperative--which made me feel even more guilty--but a cat, oh my.

I did have a cat who was great about taking pills, though. He had a heart condition and was diagnosed at 8 months, so he'd started taking pills at a young age. He totally knew the routine and would roll over and pretty much open his mouth when it was pill time. It was amazing.


Cody monster! He was such a good boy.

Poor Bonnie. Nothing is worse than barfing, and animals often look scared when they do it.


Yeah, Pi, Bonnie did look scared and very confused. I think she couldn't figure out why we were so happy about her barfing in the house. She looked like she expected to be tossed outside, and instead we were praising her and petting her, and telling her she was "such a good girl."

And yes, Cody monster was a great cat. When I turned on my palm pilot today the first note on the calendar was "It's Cody's Birthday." I cried.

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