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Feb 17, 2008


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OMG. How terrifying.

OK, maybe this is off the wall, but the first thing I thought was that Bonnie is trying to help him--you said she is trying to drag him--drag him to help, maybe? Or, if it isn't that benevolent, maybe it's some ancient instinct to kill off the weak? That's a scarier interpretation, I know, but I find it hard to believe there is suddenly something mentally wrong with her. Obviously, whatever she is trying to do, it can't be allowed, but I can't help but think she is doing what she feels needs to be done.

That behavior you describe after a seizure is how Loca was when we tried to bring her home from the vet. I thought it was all the drugs they had her on. It was heartbreaking to see her that way, stumbling around and banging into things. I don't know how you deal with it on an ongoing basis. (((hugs)))


Thanks for the hugs--exactly what we need at the moment. We feel so helpless, and so responsible. It sucks! But, as the neurologist reminded us again, Clyde is actually doing pretty well. She has pet clients who have several seizures everyday. I can't imagine that. I just don't want him to suffer and am constantly concerned about his quality of life. He's pretty stoned now, but he's eating, drinking, wagging his tail, chewing on his nylabone, and doing other doggie things, so he seems ok.

I think you may be right about Bonnie's trying to help rather than hurt Clyde. I'm thinking she's trying to "wake him up" or get him to act normal, and that she's so frightened that she just keeps at it.

Since we've had her, she's always let us know when Clyde is about to have a seizure, and she's always whined and cried while he's been seizing. She's nipped at the scruff of his neck before, but this is the first time she's locked onto him. But, it's also the first time he's clustered this bad since we've had her.

We're going to talk to our vet (who is a behavioral specialist too) and to the neurologist to try to get some insight. I'll let you know what we learn.

Seeking Solace

Poor pups. Hugs to you and them.


It will be interesting to hear what the vet has to say about Bonnie's behavior. I've seen cats behave both benevolently and maliciously towards another cat who was sick (as in dying). I'm no dog expert, but I can imagine that Bonnie, at the very least, is agitated by Clyde's behavior.
I really admire all that you do for your pets, dd.

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