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Mar 05, 2008


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And I couldn't be more depressed. If I believed that the two of them would debate the issues over the next few months and sharpen their skills to go up against McCain, maybe I'd share your excitement, but this morning they were sniping at each other again, and I fear that they will do nothing but beat the shit out of each other (to McCain's glee and the country's detriment) until the convention. They are going to hammer each other, not McCain. Clinton has revealed herself in the past week or so to be what I always knew she was (and I don't mean that in a good way) and as a result, McCain will probably be our president in November.

Wow. Can you believe how out of sync we are on this? Have we ever disagreed so much about anything????????


Our differences here are pretty amazing considering how much we're usually in sync, but we have disagreed somewhat about politics before if I recall. Never to this extent, though.

Perhaps we need some quality time together to have some coffee/tea, conversation, and dream sharing so we can get back in sync?


Yeah, I wish. With our financial situation right now, it won't be happening for a while. Unless we do it virtually.

But I don't think there's any way to get me to your side. Right now, she's the personification of evil in my eyes, the worst thing that can happen :-)


wow! how do you really feel about her? :-)


I don't think she's evil, but every time I think of supporting her because she's tough, experienced, and brilliant, I start thinking about Whitewater, Vince Foster and so on. And then I think about Obama and I wonder if he has the experience to carry it off once he's in office. I don't think he's ready--yet. But I think he could be the candidate in another election. And then I think of McCain and I worry.

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