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Jul 12, 2008


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Seeking Solace

Big hugs. I have had to make that decision and it is not easy.

I am very sure Clyde is frolicking at the Bridge. http://www.petloss.com/poems/maingrp/rainbowb.htm


I can attest to the fact that Clyde was a big, sweet, beautiful boy who was impossible not to love.

There's nothing any of us can say right now to ease the pain, but I guess what I'm thinking about is how much you and T. did when so many people wouldn't have--the vet bills, the medications, the emotional energy--and how Clyde had so many good years because of it. And most importantly, perhaps, you weren't selfish in the end when, again, so many others would not have been.

Lots of hugs and love to both of you.

Sharon Crowley

I am so so sorry, K and T--I'm crying as I type. He was the most wonderful dog. And as for you two, echo the previous comment.



Thanks everyone. It is a very sad time for us, but we're hanging in and you all are helping us do so.


Oh, I am so very sorry to hear of Clyde's passing. Even though I never met him in person, I grieve for him. What a wonderful pet he was, and how fortunate for him to have landed with the two of you for a family, along with Scooter, and Boomer, and Bonnie and the turtle. You did the right thing in not letting him suffer, and I admire you for that.

Becky Howard

My sincere sympathies. You did the right thing at the right time in the right way.


Thanks Joanna and Becky. Joanna, I'm sorry I never got a pic of him in the t-shirt you gave him. It was just too hot here after New Orleans, but I sometimes sleep in it to remember him and your gift.

He really was one of a kind, and as much as we miss him and as hard as it was to do, we know we did what was best for him.

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