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Jul 08, 2008


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Seeking Solace

An older dog would be better. No puppy issues to contend with. Maybe a dog that is 4 or 5 would be a good comprimise.

So sorry to hear about Heidi. She is no doubt have a blast at the Bridge.


get a small old dog that looks like a puppy? How great that you are willing to step in and take the dog if it outlives your parents. We are having our cats (if they outlive us) given to an animal rescue ranch unless someone wants to take them. And who wouldn't?


I'm hoping we can talk Henry into a 4 or 5 year old mid-size dog. Something 30-40 pounds. They've always had German short-hairs, pure-bred. Heidi was the offspring of an offspring of their last dog named Sam.

I'm hoping this time they'll go to a shelter and rescue a dog in need of a home. I know that's what my mom wants to do, and I think Henry will come around.

Right now they're pretty stunned by the suddeness of their loss. Heidi was fine Sat am and then 4 hours later, she wouldn't move or eat or anything.

I'm giving them a few days before I make the hard sell.

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