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Oct 27, 2008


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I hope that happens, but I will be wary until the last vote is counted.


Wariness is warranted. Nationally, the gap between McCain and Obama is closing day by day. I am puzzled by Northern Arizona, though--the Flagstaff area used to be every bit as liberal as Tucson, and First Americans are likely to vote democratic. I suppose the folks around Page and in the rural areas are conservative but they are outnumbered by those other groups. But for Maricopa--home of the Mormon Church and the very wealthy--to be tied defies belief!


I'm both wary and weary, but am also amazed that AZ may be in play. My internal optimist wants to read this as a sign of things to come.

But, the national polls that show the race is tightening concern me, and there are so many polls and so many numbers and so many pundits and so many possible twists and turns. My head hurts.

We need to make sure that everyone who says s/he is going to vote for Obama votes. That's the key. People have to vote.

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